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  • Bios for Brent & Robb & Gabriela
  • Fun Facts
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Follow Brent and Robb as they travel across Canada: www.facebook.com/GotGinch
DeliverGood matches charities and non-profits who need stuff with people and companies who have stuff: www.delivergood.org


Video Blog (individual videos posted by Brent and Robb, maximum 30 seconds)

There are several videos available on our YouTube Channel.
These videos can also be used as audio only for Radio.

(We will post videos during our journey)

Here’s a trailer from our documentary:

“One Problem” Documentary Trailer:
(Produced by Calgary Film Maker Ramin Eshraghi-Yazdi)

One Problem Trailer from Ramin Eshraghi Yazdi on Vimeo.

“One Problem”:
(Produced by Calgary Film Maker Ramin Eshraghi-Yazdi)


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Robb Price (left) and Brent King (photo credit: Barry Wylant)









Robb Price (left) and Brent King (photo credit: Barry Wylant)








Gabriela Ostendorfer

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QUOTES from Brent and Robb

Robb Price – Founder – DeliverGood

“We’re just a couple of guys drivin’ from Vancouver to Halifax delivering 35,000 pairs of ginch [men's underwear] to homeless shelters. We got the ginch, what do you got to give?”

“Through DeliverGood, we’re building efficiencies into the charitable giving process.”

“DeliverGood is building on the GotGinch philosophy of ‘solving a problem’ and, through our site, working towards solving thousands of problems.”

“You don’t need to have a lot of money to make a difference, you just need to remember that somebody along the way stuck their hand out to help you up.”

“I really hope to influence my 2 kids through what we’re doing. If things go as planned, contributing to their community will be as second nature as putting on their shoes.”

“A big piece of who I am today is a direct result of the volunteering I have been lucky enough to do in my life.”

“Something as simple as a donation of a basketball can change a life.”

Brent King – Founder – GotGinch

“Underwear is one of those items that many of us take for granted. I suspect that it is one of the first luxuries given up on the way to the street, perhaps it should be the first to be restored in recovery.”

“The experts tell me that the first step in rebuilding a life is to rebuild self respect and basic dignity. I can’t think of many things more basic and dignifying than a pair of clean underwear.”

“I don’t expect a pair of free underwear to dramatically change a life. I do believe it could be a welcome gift to someone who has decided to make the first step (to rebuilding their life).”

“Poverty and homelessness is a complex problem with a number of contributing factors. I’m a simple guy, I felt I could best help by focusing on solving one problem.”

“The transition programs that have been created at many of Canada’s shelters have impressive success rates. I hope to help their success by supplying one of their needed items.”

“Most homeless shelter across Canada post a list of urgently needed items. On the top of most of those lists is underwear. I’m proud to say that is no longer a need for the 10 shelters on our list.”

“There are 160,000 thousand charities and non profits in Canada. Most post a wish lists of items that are urgently needed. Each item is a problem to be solved. Have you solved one problem?”

BIOS – Brent King and Robb Price Bios

BIOS – Gabriela Ostendorfer

Fun Facts:

  • 190,000 pairs of ginch delivered over the five years (after completing this year)
  • 40,000 pairs of ginch + 10,000 pairs of knickers
  • 11 Days
  • 7,079Km
  • 6,120lbs of underwear
  • 36.5 Kilometers of Elastic
  • 10 cities
  • 77hrs of driving
  • Two guys and two gals
  • Lots of coffee

2013 Schedule





Vancouver Union Gospel Mission Tues. Sept 24 10:00 am download
Calgary The Mustard Seed Wed. Sept 25 10:00 am download
Edmonton The Mustard Seed Wed. Sept 25 2:00 pm download
Saskatoon The Bridge on 20th Thur. Sept 26 10:00 am download
Regina Souls Harbour Rescue Mission Thur. Sept 26 2:00 pm download
Winnipeg Siloam Mission Fri. Sept 27 10:00 am download
Toronto Yonge Street Mission Mon. Sept 30 10:00 am download
Ottawa Ottawa Mission Tues. Oct 1 10:00 am download
Montreal Mission Bon Accueil Tues. Oct 1 2:00 pm download
Halifax Souls Harbour Rescue Mission Thurs. Oct 3 10:00 am download
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