Need Knickers

Over the course of three years and 90,000 pairs of ginch, Brent and Robb heard one question more than any other. “What about women’s underwear?” Their typical response was “Two guys driving across the country with an RV full of women’s underwear seems a bit creepy.” So the pair issued a challenge for a woman to build the female version of GotGinch.

Gabriela Ostendorfer heeded this challenge, contacted Brent and said. “Let’s do this, how do I get started?”

Gabriela and Trevor (the girl), joined the guys with ‘Need Knickers’. They raised enough money to delivery knickers across the country in 2013. Way to go girls!

Gabriela and Trevor are continuing to raise money to support the individual campaigns across the country. Click the donate button to help Need Knickers support the female homeless.


Gabriela Ostendorfer is a Professional Life Coach and Speaker and the owner of

Her previous work as an educator, combined with her keen curiosity form the foundation of her passion – supporting others in becoming the best they can be.

Gabriela’s teaching career began in Ontario and has spanned K-12. Her work as a Consultant in a Healthy Schools Partnership and as a Coordinator in a Work Experience Program led to the world of personal coaching and speaking. Through work and personal life experiences, Gabriela believes we can all live life by design, not default.

Her mantra is “One Small Step!”

Gabriela Ostendorfer has been living in Calgary since 1981. Her inspiration comes from nature, dance, good coffee, contemplative photography, and the wonders of walking.

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